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Q - what type of metal is the jewellery made out of?

A - For more info, please see the 'Care and Allergy Info' page.

The materials we use are nickel free, which is the most common metal allergy. However, if you are highly sensitive to certain metals such as the metal components of brass, we recommend wearing safe, trusted, high-quality hoops and simply clicking your Rat King Co. earrings onto those for easy wear and removal without fear of a flare-up!

Q - can I wear Rat King Co. earrings with stretched ears, plugs, or gauges?

A - For more info on accessibility, please see the 'Care and Allergy Info' page.

All earrings come in pairs and are made using huggie type hoops, which clip in securely. Unlike the standard 'shephard hook' type earring, they can be securely worn with ear plugs/gauges.

Q - why do you charge a flat rate for shipping?

A - The shipping flat rate includes a hand-stamped gift box, backing card, some sticker freebies, and a thank-you note, so you're getting more than just the jewellery! Additonally, orders over $30 get a free 'Lucky Dip' pair of recycled earrings.

Shipping delicate work like glass safely is really tricky so the cost also covers the time and effort it takes to pack your jewellery in super tight so it's safe for transport. I could always include the shipping into the cost of the product so you wouldn't notice, but it's important to me to be transparent about where your money's going!

Q - I've got shaky hands - am I going to struggle to put on my new jewellery?

A - We understand how tricky it can be to wear fiddly things like earrings and necklaces! That's why;

All our necklaces come with a rat charm at the end, which helps balance the necklace so it always sits right, but it has the added bonus of helping guide your hands and preventing the chain from slipping out even if you don't get it on properly! Charms are attached directly to the chain instead of being looped on, so they don't swing around and need constant adjusting.

And our huggie hoops clip on securely, so no need to adjust them throughout the day. When you put them on correctly, you'll hear a little click, so you know they aren't going anywhere! Some of our old huggies had loose shanks that tended to need a bit more work to straighten them out so they'd click in properly. That's why we're phasing those out for fancier, more solid hardware that won't move around when you're putting them on. For more info, please see our Care and Allergy Info page.